- Vox ADSL phone at HOME- save up to 40% on your phone bill -  free calls - cheap calls - earn money with additional income stream and Business Opportunity
South Africa Only
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Saving money  starts at home...

Vox ADSL phone for home usage 



Vox @ home


The phone that generates cash and saves your hard earned money!

Replace your old Telkom phone.

    - Answer your calls and earn cash (up to 40c p/min)
Have fun with unlimited free calls to family and friends with Vox
Spend R 200 on talk time and save up to R185.00 on Telkom bill


Now, that's better than a normal phone.

Better than a phone? Yep, you betcha! The ADSL phone isn’t just about free calls and nice cheap calls to local, national and international phones and cell phones. You can also do much, much more.

For starters, should anybody call you on your new 087 number you will earn up-to 40c per minute, cash paid into your bank account. With the ADSL phone you get paid to receive calls. Imagine another income stream in your home that generates money for nothing.  Should you receive a hours incoming cell phone calls per day you will receive an extra R 710.00 or more per month. Next time your daughter's boyfriend calls,  you can let them chat away.

- Earn 40c p/min on incoming cell phone calls
Earn 20c p/min on incoming Telkom calls.

If you look at your current costs to cell phone numbers, you could talk almost twice as long calling cell phones from your Vox phone as you would on Telkom. This means you are paying almost half the price!  Because all Vox to Vox calls are also free,  once your friends and family gets it too, you can all chat for FREE for as long as you want no matter where they are in South Africa. Order add on handsets and you will receive an additional simultaneous talking line. Additional handsets empowers your Vox phone. It turns your phone into a mini PABX allowing you to transfer calls between rooms cordlessly or use it like an intercom. All you need is an ADSL Internet connection to get started. Click on continue tour to continue.

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         Phone packages:
Basic1                        R25 pm + R200 minimum talk time
Total of R225 pm includes:  R200 of talk time.  1 x SA number,  1 handset that runs on your ADSL internet connection and also doubles as a Telkom cordless phone, 1 x desk charger. 2 additional talking lines  is optional (see next option).  Order up to 5 more handsets later to turn into a mini PABX with 6 extensions. No contract, cancel 30 day notice.    >>To see all features, continue tour
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Recommended       R45 pm + R200 minimum talk time
  RECOMMENDED OPTION:  Same as Basic1 package + additional cordless handset and desk charger. Offers 2 x additional simultaneous talking lines*.  Transfer calls (mini PABX), intercom function,  (R25pm + R20pm for handset + R 200pm talk time  = R 245pm) No contract, cancel 30 day notice
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  Add two or more handsets to the "Basic1"  option to maximize your system.  When using 3 or more handsets (in total) you will be able to make  a maximum of 3  simultaneous calls. Two of which are Vox lines via your internet connection plus and additional simultaneous call via your Telkom line.   With up to six extensions (handsets) you can truly use the system as a mini PABX. No contract,
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  All products require an ADSL line with an ADSL modem.  To receive 2 extra phone lines you will require a ADSL line speed of  512kbps and faster. The service can be linked with ADSL from any service provider.

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  5) Get Connected
Business Opportunity

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