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Dealer Info Pack:   Business Opportunity

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South Africa's most profitable referral program


If you are looking to earn a re-occurring lifelong income, look no further. The Vox dealership and referral program from BizVoice earns you Rands and is the best and most profitable in South Africa. Our automated systems will allow your business to grow even while you are sleeping or on holiday.  Although of course there is some hard work involved too. Our new product is offering you a powerful opportunity where you can achieve your financial goals without affecting your current schedule and job. Part-time or Full-time.  Your present location is ideal. You will have access to the complete turnkey system along with full training and support.






Everybody phones every day. You will be earning money from every minute generated on every phone call made by each of your friends, family or clients. With the Vox dealer program you will offer your friends, family and customers with ADSL massive savings on their phone bills, free calls to other Vox users and money back on all incoming calls they receive.  Appoint sub dealers below you and you will also be earning money on thousands of phone minutes generated from thousands of customer’s signed up by your dealer network. Aimed at the public it is easy to market and your business will be growing in no time simply by people inviting and referring more people to join so everyone can talk for free. This is a limited chance to get involved as a dealer on the ground level of our new Vox product launched during February 2008.



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What our customers had to say:


Simon  " I decided to try the Vox phone because there was no contract and it sounded like a good deal.  I can honestly say  I am enjoying it allot. It works beautifully". I saved R238 on my first months phone bill alone"










Shirley    “I signed up as a dealer, got my friends to join, and now I have my own business . I make money with no effort each time my friends calls someone. It works because they are saving money on their calls and we can all talk for free on our cordless phones…”




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