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"Talk is cheap", but with Vox it really is!



2) Cheap Calls

  - Unbelievable 42% savings on cell phone calls. ITS MASSIVE!
  - Cheap calls world wide
  - Save on long distance calls too


Spend less on calls!


Cell phone calls are a major part of our phone bills every day.   With an unbelievable 42% savings,  reducing cell phone costs is one of the things the ADSL phone does best.  This is one of the single most important savings you will make on your phone bill!  Your phone has a compulsory R200 talk time per month included.  If you use your Vox phone for cell phone calls alone for each R200 you spend on your Vox bill you will save R185.00 on your Telkom bill! That's amazing. 


Why not make international calls for less than local calls.  When you compare Vox with Telkom it would be cheaper for you to phone America or the UK using the ADSL phone than it will be to call your neighbour on your Telkom phone. Make calls from as little as 20c per minute.  All you will need to get going is an ADSL line from any service provider. View all the savings below, then click on "Great Features" to continue.


  Save up to 50% on your phone bill with your ADSL phone:

1.       Save 42% on cell phone calls

2.       Save 23%+  on long distance calls

3.       Save 50 - 80% on international calls

4.       Earn 20c to 40c p/min on incoming calls

5.       UNLIMITED FREE CALLING to other users


Click here to view a full list of Vox calling rates (PDF)


  EVERYbody is getting Vox with th
  With thousands of customers joining every month, soon you will be able to make UNLIMITED FREE calls to everywhere!  
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Your Existing Telkom Bill:
  Local Calls R  
  Cell phone calls R  
  National Calls R  
  International Calls R  
  Bill converted Vox:  
  Local calls (use Telkom)   R
  Vox Cellular - Save 42%   R
  Vox national calls - save 23%   R
Vox International - Save 70% R
Total Call Cost R
Vox to Vox are FREE. This is the% of calls you estimate you will make for free> %
Deduct money earned on Vox rebates:
Estimate how many incoming call minutes you receive from TELKOM phone numbers per day ( you earn 20c p/min on this)> min p/day
Total earned  from Telkom pm  (22 days)   R
Estimate how many incoming call minutes you receive from CELL PHONES per day ( you earn 40c p/min on this)> min p/day
Total earned from cell phones pm (22 days)   R
   Deduct Vox Rental   R 49.00 pm
TOTAL VOX BILL          (after R25 deduction) R
TOTAL SAVING             (after R25 deduction) R
  Current  Telkom Bill   R
  Estimated Vox bill   R
  Estimated Savings per Month   R
So you're saving money..., don't forget that you will still receive all the additional benefits:
  • 2 x Additional talking lines
  • A cordless phone, A
  • ADSL modem with Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • plus lots more (see great features next)

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    Vox Call Rates 
  International Rates
  Australia 42c/min
  Belgium 37c/min
  Canada 35c/min
  China 40c/min
  Denmark 42c/min
  France 42c/min
  Germany 44c/min
  Ireland 38c/min
  Israel 41c/min
  Italy 45c/min
  Spain 39c/min
  Sweden 50c/min
  Switzerland 50c/min
  Taiwan 48c/min
  UK 35c/min
  USA 41c/min
  South Africa
  Vox to Vox FREE
  Cell Phone OffPk 95c/min
  SA Cell Phones Pk R 1.09/min
  All National Pk 39c/min
  National Off Peak 29c/min
  Earn money on calls:
  Cell phones earn 40c/min
  Land lines earn 20c/min
  (paid to you when you receive calls)
  Other Countries
at reduced rates view Rates
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