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Talk more and slash your phone bill



  You are one step away from making FREE phone calls as well as cheap landline calls to Telkom phones and cell phones. Up-to 50% savings on your Telkom phone bill.    

How does it work?
The ADSL phone from Vox Telecom is an easy add on to your ADSL service. A cordless phone which allows you to make free calls  to other Vox users and nice cheap calls to landlines with savings of an amazing 42% on cell phones calls alone. Anyone can dial your ADSL phone number from a phone or cell phone and hey presto it works just like Telkom. With perfect voice quality and great features, it is a stand alone phone that does not need a computer to operate. Use it for your home or small business to make money from your incoming calls. With  additional handsets, you can transfer calls just like a mini PABX!  To continue the tour scroll down ofr get Vox now>  

Cell phone calls:
Your phone has a compulsory R200 talk time per month included.  If you use your Vox phone for cell phone calls alone you will save almost R185.00  per R 200 that you spend. That's an massive saving of 42% compared to your Telkom bill.  The more you spend the more you save.  The best part is that should anybody call you back you will also earn up to 40c per minute on incoming calls reducing call costs even further!
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