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Vox vs Telkom

Vox is competitive on most fronts with Telkom.  Please view the below table to see the comparison.
  Vox vs. Telkom pricing   10-March-2010  
  The comparison has been made for adding a second phone line to your existing ADSL. Vox is exclusively for ADSL users.
  Services Vox Telkom Home  Telkom Business  
  Voice Mail Free Free Free  
  Caller ID Free n/a R 9.85 pm  
  Call Waiting Free R 5.00 pm    R 5.00 pm     
  Call Forwarding Free R 5.00 pm    R 5.00 pm     
  Speed Dial Free R 5.00 pm    R 5.00 pm     
  Call Return Free n/a n/a  
  Itemised Billing / Online Free Free Free  
   Tel No.  R 25 pm R 131 pm  R 174 pm   
  Total: R 25.00 R 146.00 R 198.85  
  Call Costs / Savings (Peak) from Vox from Telkom    
  National Long Distance Call 39c  68c Save 23% +  
  Cell phone Call 109c 189c Save 42%+  
  International Call Less 50% Location Dependant Up to 70% less  
  To Vox Phone Call FREE !!! 1.07c    
  Average Savings: 16% - 70% 0%    
  Receive Money Back / Rebates Vox Telkom    
  from Cell Phone 40c n/a    
  from Telkom 20c n/a    
  Average Money made  20c - 40c 0c per minute    
  Equipment Included Vox Telkom    
  Phone CORDLESS PHONE nothing    
  ADSL modem /router Included nothing    
Equipment included YES NO
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