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Saving money  starts at home...

Vox ADSL phone for home usage 



Vox @ home

An extra phone line at home goes a long way, especially when it is saving your hard earned money.

Call and answer calls on your new 087 number.

    - Have fun with unlimited free calls to family and friends with Vox
    - Additional phone line and SA number
    - Incoming calls earns you cash


Say welcome to your latest family member...,  a cordless phone and an extra phone line at home. A very special phone! This is a cordless internet phone that allows you to earn money on incoming calls, make free calls to other Vox users and to make cheaper calls to Telkom landlines and cell phones.  Now that is certainly something to consider. With Vox, the next time your daughter's boyfriend calls her, simply let them chat away with a smile on your face because you are making money.

Vox acts as an extra phone line in your home so the best part is that there is no more fighting over who's turn it is. Once your friends and family get connected, you can all chat for FREE for as long as you want no matter where they are in South Africa.


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